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Refund Policy


Refund Policy

Candidates must read and understand the rules pertaining to payment and refund of fees, before seeking admission to any course. No disputes regarding refunds will be entertained once the fees are paid.

No fee will be refunded in following cases:

  • Case of non-performance
  • Attendance below specified level
  • If candidate is expelled in case of some discipline issue
  • In case a candidate is found to be non-eligible or not following any rules and regulation specified by the institution in the Students Guidelines and Students declaration form during any stage of the admission process or course delivery, his/her admission will stand cancelled.
  • If student’s admission is cancelled or he/she is terminated based on any ground.

In all matters concerning admissions, the decision of CRB Public School shall be final and binding on all the candidates. With regard to the interpretation of the provisions of any matter not covered in this Admission Booklet, the decision of School shall be final and binding on all the parties concerned.